Monday, December 12, 2016

InTASC Standards

InTASC stands for Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium. It is ten standards that all teachers can apply to any general education course at any level Pre-K through 12th grade. Certain activities or project will align with a few of the ten standards. The standards have also been grouped into four categories: The Learner and Learning, Content Knowledge, Instructional Practice, and Professional Responsibility.

We used the InTASC standards on our ePortfolios to align the standards to each of our project we did in Ed Tech and Design. We not only learned from doing the project but we also know what the child was going to learn while doing these projects. We explained why each of the standards aligned with each of the projects as well, so we understood why they would learn those specific things.

The ISTE standards are standards that teachers should meet to engage their students. The standards include: facilitate and inspire student learning  and creativity, design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments, model digital age work and learning, promote and model digital citizenship  and responsibility, and engage in professional growth  and leadership.

Technology can enhance the standards by showing different unique ways that might not be thought about at first. Technology is a great way to enhance children's learning in so many different ways because children are so use to using technology in their everyday life that when they learn with it, they find it more interesting and they think that it is fun to learn.

Standards can enhance teachers learning by understanding what and why their students are learning. I would think that standards can really help with the Iowa core. I know a lot of past, present, and future educators do not like the Iowa Core but using the standards it may help them understand it a little better. I know that since we have been using them in class, I have understood the assignments better and I have also understood the Iowa Core a little better as well.

The same goes for students. I hear all the time that kids do not understand why they are doing something in school, or that the project has no point. Showing them the standards can also help them understand what they are learning and what they are getting out of it in the long run.

In the end, I think that the standards can help students and teachers everywhere better understand the content. This class helped introduce standards to me and I really enjoyed learning about them.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Incorperating technology on snow days

Expanding the use of technology in the classroom is a great thing for in-class work, homework, and even when school gets delayed for some reason, like snow. Children are always excited to have a snow day, but dread it when they have to stay longer in the summer. More and more schools are leaning towards having school from home. Some may do it different ways. I have heard of doing live video streaming, extra online homework, ect. The students might not even have to sit in front of his/her computer all day. They still want you to enjoy some of your day off, but it will help them stay on track for the school year. There are some problems with this idea though. A public school cannot force someone to have a computer/tablet and accessible internet. Without these things the students would not be able to do what their classmates are doing and they will be behind when they come back to school. This seems like a very good idea but they need to tweak it a little.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Subscribing to Educators on YouTube

I have always enjoyed watching videos on YouTube and in the past couple of years I have really gotten into watching vlogs, which are video blogs. I found a couple of YouTubers that are also full time teachers. The first YouTuber is TooCoolForMiddleSchool Blog. She has videos about lessons plans, how to stay organized, and many more. One video that I really like is called "5 ways to make black to school less stressful". She has videos strictly on teaching but she also has videos about everyday life because whether or not people believe, teachers do have a normal life outside of school. She has videos about her baby that she just had, funny makeup tutorials of how she did her makeup in high school,  and some hauls from her favorite stores like Target. The other YouTuber is The Lettered Classroom. She has a series called teacher vlog and that is what her channel is mainly made up of. She talked about her daily like as a teacher and she gives tips and tricks as well. She also has some Q & A videos where she has her subscribers ask her questions about teaching and she answers them on video. I love watching these two YouTubers and getting idea from them and watching their videos gets me that much more excited to be a teacher.

TooSchoolForMiddleSchool Blog

The Lettered Classroom

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Getting Ideas From Other Bloggers

My favorite blogger at the time is Mr. Elementary Math. I want to teach math in my career as an educator and he has so many ideas of how to incorporate fun into learning math. He also has great ideas for when the holidays come around and how you can incorporate those holidays into learning. Not only does he have ideas to use in the classroom, but he loves to help others out with connecting educators with other educators. He also shares contest and helpful information for educators. You can share these blogs with your students as well so they can further their creativity by using ideas from others.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Interacting With Other Educators

While I was on twitter searching around one day, I saw that my cousin was taking a part in the #IAedchat. He is an elementary school teacher in the Cedar Rapids Community School district and he also went to UNI. I saw this as an opportunity to have a conversation with him strictly about education. We talked about ways to remind and encourage parents to attend conferences. He was very helpful and shared ideas that I can use in the future.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Expanding my PLN

Throughout the semester I have been working on expanding my PLN. This is what my PLN map looked like at the beginning of the semester


These are some ways that I have expanded my PLN:

Screenshot (4).png

Using Zoom is a great way in interact with people when both sides have busy schedules. I can use this in my future here at UNI with professors and classmates. I can also use Zoom in my teaching career and interact with other teachers and parents. I can use Zoom in the comfort in my own home and use it when i do not necessarily have time to go meet with someone but i have time to do a quick meeting with someone. Zoom is a great way to expand my PLN in many ways.

Screenshot (5).png

Rebecca Sanchez has a lot of awesome education boards on pinterest but i found this one the most interesting. This specific board is on elementary math which is what I would like to teach. She shared many different pins on different and creative way to teach math of different grade levels as well. I can use many of these ideas in my teaching career to make learning math a fun thing for the students.

Screenshot (70).png

Using hashtags such as #iaedchat is a great way to connect with other educators and share ideas that you can later use in your own classroom. There are many educators that use this hashtag and many other hashtags. I could even make up my own hashtag and start a new conversation with others that want to talk about the same ideas as me. Its a great way to connect with people you will probably never meet or even make new friends that you have the same interest.

Screenshot (7).png

Mr. Elementary Math is an amazing resource for interesting ideas for all things elementary math. He has different ideas based on different holidays and different lessons. He has videos on his blog to show step by step instructions on how to teach the lesson. He also had a pinterest board that popped up on his blog and I followed that as well.

Screenshot (8).png

Watching videos on TEDtalks is a really good way to expand my PLN because it has so many videos and playlists of real people talking about real life experiences. They have a wide variety of teaching videos and playlist that are very interesting. Some videos are about why it is important to be a teacher and some will even talk about a certain subject.

Screenshot (9).png

I watched a subscribed to a teacher on YouTube and her channel is called Katy’s corner and she has a vlog where she takes you to work with her as a teacher and talk about what she does during the day with her class and things she has learned while being a teacher. I love watching vlogs because it is real life experiences so you know it is authentic and you can get real advice from the YouTuber.

Screenshot (10).png

Using Lynda to expand your PLN is great because it has very useful tutorials for so many things. Lynda is not only a great resource for teacher but for many professions. There are tutorial on how to make interactive lessons, lessons on microsoft application, and how to a specialist in a certain subject.

Screenshot (11).png

I listened to a few podcasts from CoolCat Teacher. She makes wonderful podcasts, blogs, and so many more to teach teachers and to expand their PLN like myself. There are many different podcasts to listen to that give great information and ideas that us educators can use in our future classrooms.   

Screenshot (67).png

I used twitter to interact with other educators. I interacted with Ben Feight about conferences and he talked about using social media to remind students and parents and he also does student-led conferences so the students can tell their parents about how they are doing. Interacting with other educators via twitter is a quick and easy way to learn and share ideas.

Screenshot (69).png

Symbaloo is a great way to get lesson plans, connect with different social media websites, and much more. I really liked that I could go on Symbaloo and use some of the lesson plan ideas they have. They are all so creative and i can see myself using them in my own classroom in the future.         

These are some great ways to expand your PLN. This is what my PLN map now looks like:


Friday, November 4, 2016

All About Carisa Meyer

Hello, My name is Carisa Meyer and I am studying elementary and middle level education at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI). I came to UNI last year as a freshman studying athletic training and pre-physical therapy. After my first semester, I realized that I no longer wanted to be in that profession and thought about teaching. I changed my major my second semester and after my first field experience, I knew I made the right choice of changing my major to something I would truly enjoy doing everyday.