Monday, December 12, 2016

InTASC Standards

InTASC stands for Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium. It is ten standards that all teachers can apply to any general education course at any level Pre-K through 12th grade. Certain activities or project will align with a few of the ten standards. The standards have also been grouped into four categories: The Learner and Learning, Content Knowledge, Instructional Practice, and Professional Responsibility.

We used the InTASC standards on our ePortfolios to align the standards to each of our project we did in Ed Tech and Design. We not only learned from doing the project but we also know what the child was going to learn while doing these projects. We explained why each of the standards aligned with each of the projects as well, so we understood why they would learn those specific things.

The ISTE standards are standards that teachers should meet to engage their students. The standards include: facilitate and inspire student learning  and creativity, design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments, model digital age work and learning, promote and model digital citizenship  and responsibility, and engage in professional growth  and leadership.

Technology can enhance the standards by showing different unique ways that might not be thought about at first. Technology is a great way to enhance children's learning in so many different ways because children are so use to using technology in their everyday life that when they learn with it, they find it more interesting and they think that it is fun to learn.

Standards can enhance teachers learning by understanding what and why their students are learning. I would think that standards can really help with the Iowa core. I know a lot of past, present, and future educators do not like the Iowa Core but using the standards it may help them understand it a little better. I know that since we have been using them in class, I have understood the assignments better and I have also understood the Iowa Core a little better as well.

The same goes for students. I hear all the time that kids do not understand why they are doing something in school, or that the project has no point. Showing them the standards can also help them understand what they are learning and what they are getting out of it in the long run.

In the end, I think that the standards can help students and teachers everywhere better understand the content. This class helped introduce standards to me and I really enjoyed learning about them.

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